Welcome to GV Proline

GVProline is a celebration of everything GreenValley Bike Park is.

First, it will be limited edition T-Shirts/Hoodies that will help you support the park and the build of GVProline.

Next, we'll use the funds to froth the park before an epic jam (when times are back to normal)

We plan to help shredders who support the park, young and old, and we'll be releasing the GV proline team soon.

What the park is now is much more than some lumps of dirt. The idea of people frothing no matter what they are doing, just having fun, talking about your lap on the bus, involving the family, dogs running around the park, that's riding to us.

Its your first jump into a mulchy, its the first time you let off the brakes, its your first drop, or your first full run of ProLine.

In a world the tries to make everything a competition, GV Proline wants to embrace flat pedals and skids